American Retirees Education – Our Mission and What We Do

While policymakers focus some attention to the retirement savings crisis, a serious yet less visible problem afflicts millions of low-to-middle-income retirees and older workers who have already earned benefits and depend on them to make ends meet. Simply put, retiree pension and health care benefits earned through decades of hard work are being steadily cut back and put at risk due to a variety of corporate financial maneuvers, as well as by outdated or shortsighted federal government policies.

More than 11 million retired couples and individuals continue to rely on traditional pension income and millions more on retiree health benefits. Since most retired Americans are not able to return to work and depend on this earned income, this financial loss to retirees is devastating. It can lead to deteriorating health for those without the means to pay for prescription drugs and healthcare not covered by Medicare as well as bankruptcy and financial ruin.